First glimpse of DeLorean movie Driven

Delorean Movie Driven

The first still has emerged of scenes from Delorean movie Driven, the Hollywood biopic on the life of maverick car designer John Z DeLorean, whose Belfast-built DMC-12 gullwing cars became one of the automotive icons of the 1980s, featuring in the ‘Back To The Future’ film series.

Delorean Movie Driven
Delorean Movie Driven

Starring Lee Pace as the fast-talking US entrepreneur and Jason Sudeikis as Jim Hoffman, a secret FBI agent, Driven tells the real-life story of an FBI operation to arrest the car designer for drugs trafficking in the years after his automotive dream collapsed.

The movie – filmed in hurricane-wracked Puerto Rico – is directed by Belfast-born director Nick Hamm and scripted by award-winning Northern Ireland writer Colin Bateman.

The still featured above reached the public after it was posted on Colin Bateman’s social media channel.

Source: Belfast Telegraph

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