Delorean Motor Company Being Sued by John Deloreans Estate

Delorean Motor Company Being Sued

A suit has been filed against Delorean Motor Company of Texas by John Deloreans Far Hills estate it has emerged. The estate is administered by widow Sally Delorean

The lawsuit which was filed last week in Newark alleges that Delorean Motor Company has been using trademarks and the flamboyant car markers name in some products and situations without consent. Items mentioned in the suit include the hat, pen, luggage, a notebook and a keychain all of which included the DMC name.

“Carrying this misrepresentation to the extreme, they established what they call ‘The DeLorean Museum’” reads the suit.

When Delorean was alive he once threatened to sue anyone that made a movie about him without his consent. Is Sally respecting John’s wishes?

Let us know your thoughts.

Watch this space for updates as they happen.

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