Back To The Future Delorean For Sale

Here we have a Replica Back To The Future Delorean for sale.

The props were handmade in Fort Worth, Texas by Robert ‘Videobob” Moseley, a  professional master prop builder who has built props for Hollywood  movies and is considered an expert in the props from the “Back to the  Future” movies.

The car runs and drives fine.  The seats are showing some wear and tear but new covers can be purchased from DMC easily.

Your chance to own the back to the future car

Asking Price: $44,700

For more information please Click Here

6 Replies to “Back To The Future Delorean For Sale”

  1. This is literally the only thing I want on this Earth, my friends and girlfriend both know it. Sadly, I would never have the money to own this beautiful machine. Maybe someday I’ll live that dream.

    Id be happy just to see one.
    To whomever gets this work of art, enjoy it and care for it.

    Awesome work man

  2. i will probably bye this just have a little questions one is it street legal, two when i pay would u take payments , and 3 does it die alot

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