1983 Delorean For Sale Columbus

1983 Delorean For Sale Columbus

Asking Price: $45,000
Mileage: 4680
Interior: Black
Year: 1983
VIN: SECDT26T6DD017041 (Sept 82)

Here I have my Delorean for sale.  I have owned various DeLoreans since the early 90’s. I ate, slept and drank DMC for most of my life. Even drove one to college. Living in Columbus made things even easier since the DMC parts warehouse and an education were right around the corner. After spending more time under them than in them, about 15 years ago I decided I was going to sell what I had and buy the best car I could find regardless of price. I looked for the car I’m selling now for nearly 2 years. I found a 2 owner car with 4K miles in a wealthy guys garage parked next to a Countach. Since then it has been kept in a Carcoon in my garage, on jackstands largely undriven.  A fine Delorean For Sale

Last year I decided to get after all the wear and tear stuff that deteriorates with lack of use. Cut to 10K in parts later, I have another brand new DeLorean. I prefer to keep things as original as possible however certain pieces are either no longer available or shouldn’t be used like the original clutch line that was nearly useless or the original style fuel pump and rubber boot. I also removed some of the factory undercoat to check the quality of the epoxy and it is perfect. Like shockingly perfect. All of the updates and recalls have been completed (although included, I left the throttle body cover off because this car is in no danger of ever becoming wet).

What are you waiting for buy this Delorean For Sale today.

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  • January 5, 2015 at 2:06 pm

    Hello I’m interested in the Delorean of it’s still available


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